TheKonnect of Konnect App, LLC, launched the update earlier this month to increase user interaction abilities 

Konnect App, LLC, a technology startup based in Washington, DC, has recently launched an update to its nightlife app, TheKonnect. The announcement was made earlier this month from Konnect App’s Chief Technology Officer, Travis Whitten. The update, which features increased user-venue interactions, a faster map, and a transformed user interface was released on the Apple store and Google Play July 12.

Of the latest update, Konnect’s CEO, Matt Hamilton, said: “We’re excited to unveil this update to current and new users. Now, users can interact with bars, clubs, and venues that are not claimed so the chances of finding a great bar or deal are drastically increased, creating a better nightlife experience.”

TheKonnect is a nightlife and social events application specializing in bar specials and events including happy hours and bar crawls. To add your venue to TheKonnect, contact the provided details below.

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The Nightlife App was Released Earlier this Week
The Konnect App (TheKonnect), a Washington, DC-based start-up has released TheKonnect for Android on the Google Play Store. TheKonnect, formerly an iOS based nightlife and social events application, made headlines across tech blogs for its opposition to large travel apps.
TheKonnect entered the iOS market in 2018 shortly before being voted the #1 Nightlife App of 2018 by Great Apps. To date, the app has gained thousand of followers and users. Notable features of the app include:
– Real-time specials
– Real-time events
– Venue Highlights
Chief Technology Officer and head programmer of The Konnect App, Travis Whitten, said of the release, “We’re excited to release TheKonnect for Android this year to offer more users a wider selection of real-time deals and new spots during a night on the town. We want people to know that it shouldn’t break the bank to have a great time, especially with TheKonnect.” Whitten, along with CEO, Matt Hamilton, and COO, Kaitlin Hamilton, began preparations for the Android build in late 2018.
TheKonnect for Android is free for users. To learn more about TheKonnect, please visit
. To claim your venue, visit
, or download the app in your local app store.

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A new Maryland-based tech company is here to help young professionals across the country locate the best drink deals when they’re heading out on the town. The Konnect App provides real-time information from bars and clubs to reflect the most accurate prices for budget-minded customers.

For founders Kaitlin Hamilton, 24, and her brother Matt Hamilton, 22, personal experience led to the idea. Matt, a service-disabled veteran, traveled for work and wanted an affordable drink but was unsure where to find one in different cities. Kaitlin travelled to Chicago and showed up at a bar with half-priced wine bottles advertised on a travel app, only to find them as full price.

“We frequently experienced that,” Kaitlin said. “We’d run into those issues where you maybe read a comment from a year ago that said they had this great thing and you go for that great thing and that great thing’s not there.”

The siblings created an app aimed to avoid those inaccuracies by providing everything in real time. In 2017, they pooled their resources together (with a little help from family and friends) to launch the Konnect App.

It’s free for customers and $15 a month for businesses (“about 80 percent less than Yelp,” Kaitlin said). Bars, clubs and restaurants can enter information for specials and events like happy hours, game-day deals, ladies’ nights, etc. that will get bar hoppers to their establishments. Visitors search a map and pins pop up indicating available drinking spots.

Konnect App
The Konnect App

And businesses are still free to market themselves on Yelp, Open Table or anywhere they choose with no pushback from Konnect.

“A lot of people don’t realize that with some companies they’re locking themselves in,” Kailtin Hamilton said. “Different things work for different companies but for some people we’ve heard from, they think it’s going to be a great idea and then three months later, they’re not seeing anything.”

Developing a good relationship with drinking establishments is key for Kaitlin and Matt, who are often the customers themselves. “We come from a family that likes to go out, so for us a big part of reaching adulthood was going out as a family.”

“We have the whole country on the map but we focus our efforts on the DMV area just because we go out personally to the bars and we talk to them face to face,” Kaitlin continued. “We want to create an actual rapport and relationship with these places.”

The app is currently available on iOs and the pair, along with three other employees, are working to finalize it on Android before pushing it out to the public later this month., a media company that focuses on app marketing and consumer use of apps is extremely excited to feature The Konnect App on its exclusive app discovery platform. The Konnect app can be viewed on and can be downloaded for free in the App Store© and available soon in Google Play©.

The Konnect App recommends places to visit including different businesses and events. Along with these recommendations the user of the app can get reviews and current deals. Whether it’s a restaurant, lounge, club, or concert – there is something for everyone. The app can also inform users of upcoming events as there is a large social aspect as well. Users can also meet with friends or make new friends who are using the app. This also allows others to see if a venue is too crowded or is the place to be for fun. The Konnect App can be used throughout the United States and in larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami – there are different things to choose from for all.

Businesses owners will also enjoy The Konnect App since it’s a medium to reach existing and new clients. Owners can create events such as live showcase, dining special or simply something that everyone needs to know about.

“Our goal from the beginning with The Konnect App was to create something fun and new for regular customers while also helping businesses. We’re not like other social events or nightlife platforms, and it’s really a point of pride for us to bring something so different and so helpful into the app store. We’re definitely not your mother’s nightlife app” said Matt Hamilton, CEO of the Konnect App.

Rick Singer, CEO of stated, “We are very happy to feature The Konnect App on This app really takes social to the next level. Not only is the app different and unique but it also is a tool to help businesses get new customers while interacting with them.”

To view and download The Konnect App please visit:

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Konnect App, LLC, makers of The Konnect App, an emerging nightlife and social events mobile application, have set their sights on the DMV-Northern Maryland landscape. The Maryland-based technology company has confirmed the decision to focus on Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC bars and restaurants after the launch of TheKonnect version 1.2 later this month. Expanding the focus area to the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC region is expected to further boost application users and venues.

Updates to the app include minor bug fixes, usability speed increases, and a more streamlined user interface. The update is expected to be available for download in late June.

Speaking about their recent move, CEO, Matthew Hamilton, explained, “Our ultimate goal is to expand people’s options. We’ve been stuck with very few alternatives, and we’re excited to bring the DMV a viable option to save money, and have a great experience at any destination. After being voted the #1 nightlife app earlier this year, we definitely want to let people know that we live up to the hype, especially in our home of the DMV!”

The Konnect App is currently operating throughout the United States and is available for download in your local IOS App Store. An Android version of The Konnect App is expected to enter the Google Play market later this year.

For further questions or clarifications, please contact James Sciarra at the information below:

James Sciarra
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(240) 585 – 7855

WASHINGTON, DC, September 12, 2018 — On Tuesday August 14, 2018 The Konnect App partnered with Chipotle to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. Through Chipotle’s generous fundraising guidelines, they donated one-third of the cost of every order during the duration of the fundraiser to our charitable goal. This was Konnect’s first corporate fundraiser and first informal partnership with Chipotle.

As a veteran-owned company, The Konnect App has made veteran support a priority throughout its development. Konnect’s CEO and former US Air Force veteran, Matthew Hamilton, said of the event, “The Wounded Warrior Project is great because it gives our service people a chance to get back on their feet and help provide them with any services they may need after a tough deployment. Being a veteran myself the choice was obvious as to what foundation we chose to support at our first annual fundraising event.”

The Konnect App is expected to partner with Chipotle for an annual Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser again in 2019.

To learn more, download The Konnect App in the Apple App Store today!


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